Patronage Simulation for V/Line Victoria

Travel behaviour of patronage under incident scenario in Geelong line, which is the busiest line of V-line, are imitated using AIMSUN passenger simulation engine. The purpose of the patronage simulation is to quantify an incident impact on passenger behaviour along with Geelong line and to propose the effective countermeasure against non-recurrent events on V-line network to minimise passenger-delay. It includes the following main tasks:

Three primary Input data involves the following sets:

Based on the above data sets, the estimation of the target-year trip volumes Tij that interchange between all pairs of zone i and j, where i is the trip-producing zone and j is the trip-attracting zone of the pair according to the following methods.

To construct OD matrix, the Gravity model is used as below:

And then, OD trips between 16 stations are estimated and then, divided into 15 minutes OD matrix to develop dynamic OD matrix.

To assign the estimated OD matrix, we construct realistic station layouts in AIMSUN as below:

It provides performance index of the station such as total walking time, mean stop time, travel time, and total travel distance.

We construct all stations layout to measure incident impact on the major line of V-line.

The overall performance index at the busiest station, Tarneit station, is given as below: